26 Feb

Ana Cidre

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Ana is a Developer Advocate at Auth0. She has a degree in Fine Arts and a Master in International Business Economics and Management, so she is not your usual software developer. She loves to code and she especially likes Angular. As a very active member of the community,…

26 Feb

HTML5 Game Developer, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames competition creator, Gamedev.js community firestarter and Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher. Proud member of the Mozilla Tech Speakers family. Excited about cutting-edge Web technologies like WebXR, Progressive Web Apps, and Web Monetization API. Likes eating sushi and playing Neuroshima Hex.

06 Feb

Natalia Tepluhina is a Vue.js core team member and a Senior Frontend Engineer at GitLab. She is a conference speaker and author of articles on different topics related to Vue.js . Thanks to these activities Natalia has got a title of Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies.

05 Jan

Elisabeth is a UX & tech innovator and co-organizer of the Munich Usability Testing Dinner. She is passionate about lean management, design thinking and web performance. While exploring new places all around the world, she's always on the hunt for fresh UX & frontend inspirations.

12 Nov

After getting a computer science degree and working as a software engineer for several years, Merlin switched to UX design when he realized that you need both design and engineering to make great products. When not creating something new, he is playing with his kids, reading, or relaxing…

14 Oct

Roy Derks

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Roy Derks is a serial startup CTO and conference speaker from Amsterdam. He also teaches React and GraphQL at reactgraphql.academy, and works on open-source JavaScript projects for the City of Amsterdam.